74 year old grows new brown body hair from toes to eyebrows. This was previously all gray body hair.

Saliva  regenerated and dry mouth gone: Saliva under tongue. Note  new dark hair in the beard.

Tears flow again, dry eyes gone. Note new dark hair in eyebrows.

1Patent No. 10,179,144: "Novel formulations and compositions for rejuvenation of the body"

77 year old shows dark new scalp hair starting to grow where only gray hair grew for years.

Adolesce:  $48.50 ; 3 for $120

 Adult StemCell Regeration (ASCR) LLC has found a multi-component formula that regenerates adult stem cells. It is a most improbable find, impossible to believe, but the empirical evidence is incontrovertible. Lab tests of 77 year old male who has taken Adolesce for years show immune system cd4/cd8 ratio at 2.89 for a 77 year old,  that's 44% above normal for any age. Several volunteers, one with over 3 years usage, another about 1.5 years shows the regeneration of body hair, skin, muscle, the digestive tract, etc. Six others with a month or two usage and all showing the processes of regeneration going through its predictable stages. ASCR is intent on getting this valuable find into the hands of the public. Therefore ASCR is selling the formula, in capsule form, for $0.80 a capsule and at two capsules a day implies $1.60 cost per day. Think what BIG PHARMA would be selling a capsule for that regenerates stem cells? Stem cells that make regenerated cells into rejuvenated organs; rejuvenated organs into full body homeostasis.

  Rebuild your body, from the inside out. . See, Feel, and Touch healthy newly regenerated body tissues and how they function. New body hair grows, with the coloring it had in youth, from face to feet. Saliva flow replaces dry mouth. Tears flowing replaces dry eyes. Erectile dysfunction is reduced. Finger nails and toe nails get stronger. New muscle mass is generated and senescent cells are awakened. Intestinal wall muscles are strengthened. Bladder wall muscles are strengthened. And all of these changes are easily seen, and their progress followed, generally within 2 to 3 months. Further research will show whether or not currently unobservable stem cell regeneration has taken place in internal organs such as the brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, heart, etc.                                         

Adolesce is for the older population and is patented in the United States (1).